World Prosperity Organization: Pioneering Humanity’s Future

When the World Prosperity Organization was founded on August 12, 2019 in Los Angeles, on International Youth Day, little did the world know just how rare opportunities like this will soon become. Personal connections have quickly become our most treasured and longed for belongings, as the focus of international organizations shifted from expanding to simply making it through the pandemic in most cases. In contrast, the World Prosperity Organization thrived through the hard times so far: they received Member Status with the International Youth Federation in April 2020 and established themselves in 30 nations within the first year of operation.

The World Prosperity Organization (WPO) will be the world’s first youth-based consortium for the next generation of leaders who will serve as a brain trust for the next generation of leaders to come. Through a diverse set of skills (expertise, talent and knowledge), the organisation aims to work on positioning the future and its leaders towards a path of aligned vision and shared philosophy for the purpose of pioneering for generations to come.

In order to achieve these goals at such a large scale, the World Prosperity Organization will foster partnerships in the fields of business, government and community through programs designed to strengthen and expand development in prosperity zones. Promoting programs of a civic, social, scientific, industrial, educational, and cultural nature that are designed to increase the functionality and values of the community.

These multi-sectoral partnerships will be used to implement a plan structure with a vision and unique approach to advance communities, regions, states, countries and beyond, as well discovering and correcting faulty practices that prevent the advancement of the society and the growth of the community itself.

The World Prosperity Organization plans to develop a framework of organized public thinktanks in order to foster the development of progressive solutions around the future of governments, economies, and communities worldwide for the great purpose of world prosperity.

The organization has already signed an official partnership with the Michoacan University of Saint Nicolas of Hildalgo (Mexico) the oldest institution for higher education of the Americas to date, founded in 1540 (currently 481 years old!). The Michoacan University of Saint Nicolas of Hildalgo, the International Scientific Laboratory of Human Rights, the World Prosperity Organization and its partners are planning to develop America’s and the world’s first accredited distant learning model institute for youth immigrant communities, with 10 more universities in the States and around the world to join in the next two years.

Moreover, World Prosperity Organization held its first  successful World Parliament of Women with 12 nations participating, making it an undoubtedly historic event. The event is planned to be organised yearly with the purpose of providing a collective environment in which women from youth to adulthood can grow, work and learn together and to serve as a guide to women as they discover their purpose and define their role in society.

The WPO is now moving towards the World Institute of Women, to be held in June 2021 and is already signing partnerships with universities to develop globally accredited university courses in several topics along with the World Youth Parliament, taking place in August 2021. Other projects are in the works with associate partners.

The World Prosperity Organization System is quite complex and has multiple pillars: it includes a Roundtable, a Bank, an Institute, a Health Armamentarium, a Network has numerous official locations in cities all around the world.

For this reason, the next projects and initiatives will include global partnerships, multilateral engagements, research, data development, socioeconomic development consulting and most importantly and peace building.

The World Prosperity Organization envisions a new prosperity renaissance which serves as an awakening and alignment of the consciousness of all next generation of leaders on Earth of which will transcend into a new Earth and beyond.

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