Cultural Identity in Nation Branding: the Hungaricums

When it comes to one’s experience about certain products, places or even more so, people associated with one’s nation, the power of nation branding is quickly understood to be through the roof. The ever-growing movement of nation branding is now considered a necessity for all countries, making it inevitable to create a comprehensive, detailed action … Read more

World Protocol Organisation: groundbreaking organisation came to life as result of the pandemic

With that taken into account, the creation of the World Protocol Organisation ( Organisación Mundial de Protocolo – OMP) with members of over 70 countries because of the pandemic is strikingly impressive. These methodologies and practises have been represented through social uses, customs and habits which in certain circumstances have given way to the establishment … Read more

Space diplomacy-Rocket science?

We might think of space as the endless, dark vastidity which of course, in a certain way, it is, but we, in fact all use space very frequently, often without knowing it. Whether we check the weather forecast, use the television, the navigation system in our car or making financial transactions, it all comes down … Read more

Religious protocol in the light of Pope Francis’ visit to Budapest

Pope Francis is to pay a visit to Budapest on September 12, 2021: His Holiness is taking part in the 52nd International Eucharistic Congress. This remarkable event brings new aspects to religious protocol, not solely for believers. These days, we live in constant encounters of cultures. Believers and sceptics are both faced with different behavioural … Read more

Protocol to Manage Relationships Today

As courtesy of our Guest Author, this article is also available in: Portugese Protocol to Manage Relationships Today, published by Amsterdam University Press, explains the contemporary value of protocol, not only for monarchies or diplomatic institutes, but for any non-profit or for-profit organisation. This book presents modern protocol as a tool to build strong, authentic … Read more