As the World Protocol Magazine Editorial Board, we take enormous pride in keeping this platform open to all experts from the numerous fields of business and protocol: Mr Jorge Prado from Peru is a specialist in Protocol, Ceremonial and Events, with 14 years of experience in leadership positions. Mr. Prado holds a master’s in public Relations, Events and Protocol from the University of Alcalá de Henares in Madrid. He is an expert in Corporate Communication. He has received his training in Protocol, Ceremonial and Event Management from the Diplomatic Academy of Peru. He is the author of numerous articles on Protocol, Events, International Diplomacy and Corporate Communication. Mr. Jorge Prado is an international speaker. He is an adherent member of the World Protocol Organization (OMP). In his first article published by WPM, he explains the importance of protocol in football-related events.


Today the issue of protocol and ceremonial in elite teams is increasingly important in order to have it as a differentiating element within the soccer club and give special treatment to guests (sponsors, senior officials, politicians, celebrities, VIPs, etc.) and get the maximum potential and visibility of the institution through the realization of the various acts that take place. Teams like Real Madrid, Barcelona, among others have a protocol manual. UEFA, FIFA, CONMEBOL, among other international organizations, have a protocol cabinet to be able to take care of VIP guests during visits to the club, meetings or during a match. Some of the issues that must be considered for the correct development of protocol and ceremonies in a soccer team are the following points:

  • Precedents

The different acts will be presided over by the authority who organizes them, which will be called “the host”, this will have the most important place in the performance of the act. Precedence is called the order of importance and location in the boxes of honour, ceremonies, location of seats among others. The host can cede the presidency in honour of an authority such as a mayor, a president or a high authority of the state that participates in the act. This assignment is not mandatory, but it is a courtesy to the authority attending the event.

  • Types of acts

Among the various acts that we can develop within a soccer team, we can find the following as the most common:

– Championship opening ceremony

– Championship Final Ceremony

– Award ceremony

It should be noted that each act will have its own protocol and ceremonial in its development.

  • Club Spaces

Within the stadium facilities there are various types of spaces which can be formalized for the benefit of the good image of the club.

Box of honour, this is a place where we will have the most important authorities of the club, federation, league, and official authorities (Kings, presidents, ministers, mayors, etc.). The arrangement will depend on the number of guests and their precedence, with the host always occupying the most prominent place.

VIP room, the VIP rooms as the different clubs of the world elite count, their entrance can be acquired through a hospitality service, but these facilities will also be used for the attention of the top club leaders, senior officials of the companies’ sponsors, high official authorities, celebrities, VIP guests, among others. It is suggested that there will be rooms that provide comfortable environments, hostesses, gourmet drinks and catering, cloakroom service, Wi-Fi zone, unique and exclusive services, with an excellent view of the playing field. All this with personalized attention that will create a unique and memorable experience in the minds of the guests.

VIP Box, is intended for sponsors, VIPS guests and celebrities, since in this way they will feel a differentiated treatment that will speak well of the soccer club and help in the development of a very good image of the club for these distinguished guests.

  • The visits

Visits to the club by important people or high official authorities are very frequent, and they must receive special treatment during their stay in the institution, from the way they are received, the accompaniment in the various areas and activities during their visit and the farewell. It means, if the president of the country or a high official authority comes to visit the club, it will be the president of the club who will receive him from the door of his car and will accompany him at all times inside the club’s facilities. The protocol communicates and what we will communicate through this attention to our visitors is the importance we give them. If it is a visit of a lower rank, it will be attended by your counterpart, someone of similar rank or a member of the club’s protocol cabinet.

  • The trips

The cabinet or protocol headquarters are in charge of preparing a dossier with useful information about the destination for the authority (such as contact numbers, emergency number, type of local currency, language, climate, information on culture and customs, among others). other important information for the president of the club or a high-ranking official It is important that institutional gifts are taken on trips, which will be selected and purchased by the protocol team, taking care of small details and will be delivered during the trip.

  • The meetings

Within the meetings of senior managers, the order and location at the table of the attendees is also important, as well as its development. As we see the protocol and ceremonial within a soccer team, it has a fundamental role in the relationships with the different stakeholders, since they communicate who we are as an institution and also communicate the importance we give to our guest.

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