Pentagon Awarded Photographer: Ryta Gaal

Watching moments of wars, US presidential events and Hollywood celebrities through her lenses Photojournalism and war correspondence: both are incredibly tough and demanding professions, being responsible for both making high-quality photos and telling captivating stories at the same time. Ms. Gaal, though, went beyond the borders of her profession: after gaining recognition as the first … Read more

Half a century as Knesset Chief of Protocol: interview with Miri Yakin

With he former President of USA Obama at the state dinner given by President Peres at his residence

Protocol is a rather complex profession carrying great responsibility. Dealing with the highest world leaders usually means plenty of delicate issues, unforeseen circumstances and moments of severe diplomatic consequences. 50 years of protocol service in the Middle-East where even women are obliged to fulfill two years of mandatory military service – sounds like a real … Read more