Protocol: Power to Shape Image Ladies in Fashion Diplomacy

Para leer el artículo en español, clicar aquí Mysterious. Irresistible. Classic Elegance. Provocative. Decorative. Sexy. Stylish. Feminine. Attractive. Radiating optimism. Effortlessly cool. Comfortable. Even though we do not agree with generalisation of any kind, stereotypes have evolved and became well-known internationally. Certain adjectives are closely associated with ladies from different countries: French ladies are commonly … Read more

Rules to Break & Rules to Make: Do’s and Don’ts For Home Office

Working from home is an unprecedented situation and challenge for many people around the world. Online conferences, job interviews, live media check-ins, remote interpreting, digital education, official meetings – in these situations special attention must be paid to the details: what is seen and heard „on the other side”. Here are the most important rules … Read more

Cultural Identity in Nation Branding: the Hungaricums

When it comes to one’s experience about certain products, places or even more so, people associated with one’s nation, the power of nation branding is quickly understood to be through the roof. The ever-growing movement of nation branding is now considered a necessity for all countries, making it inevitable to create a comprehensive, detailed action … Read more